ZIMBABWE - Uitbouw Chibila Lagere School

"Every child has the right to quality education in a safe environment."

In Zimbabwe, especially young girls find it difficult to continue going to school. They are often forced at an early age to leave school and helping out in the family.


This project focuses on the target group of young girls and take into account gender issues. Binga is known as "the land of the forgotten people." Located on the border with Zambia, a huge drought the area has more to Kariba making extremely difficult living conditions. There are no roads, the nearest school is 300 kilometers away, there is almost no farming there and the locals are usually groups of ethnic minorities.


We are building a school in Binga and start with two classes. We are building what is 'Gender Responsive Schools' calls. This means that schools take into account the physical and social dimensions of both girls and boys in education.


As a model, we use the "Centers of Excellence", which have already been successfully implemented in Burkina Faso, The Gambia, Madagascar, Rwanda, Uganda, Zambia and Zanzibar.

  CAMBODJA - Construction Primary school Otdar Mean Chey

Kinderen die in armoede leven toegang tot onderwijs bieden. Dat is waar dit project om draait.

Cambodia is the poorest country in Southeast Asia and is the only Asian country listed in the DAC list as least-developed areas.


Access to education is crucial. Together with our partner organization, we want to participate in the construction of primary schools in the remote areas in Cambodia.


The children often have to walk four hours from the mountain villages to school, so the parents choose to put to work the children at home. No access to education, no future ...


Doenkers vzw committed itself to invest in school construction in cooperation with Child's Dream.


The local community is responsible for the coordination of local projects and the effective construction of the school. So ownership is immediately placed the right people.

THAILAND - Support Learning Center for Burmese refugees in Thai/Burma border region

Mae Sot – “Alle kinderen die je hier op straat ziet rondzwerven zijn zonder uitzondering Birmese kinderen.”

The 'streetkids of Mae Sot' they are called by emergency services.


Ostracized, neglected and / or abused by their families after having crossed the River Moei border, escaping the violence in Burma.


Despite of the early reforms, thousands of Karen refugees still live in refugee camps like Mae La and Umphien. Burmese refugees are all potential victims of exploitation, abuse, prostitution and abuse, where the street get the brunt.


Every day they fight against hunger and disease. For many children, including those who are lucky that they can go to school, the future looks bleak. Their parents focus only on the short term earn respect work and money.


Going back to Burma is not an option, homes and possessions were destroyed, occupied by the Burmese army or sold for an uncertain existence in Thailand.


To invest in the learning center offer these children a bright spot in the darkness, a small chance of a better life ...

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